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Weider Power Tower 2018 Review

Weider Power Tower Review 2018


Power Tower


Best Mid-Range Free-Standing Pull Up Bar

  • Weight: 27.7 kg
  • Size: 27” (width) x 51” (length) x 81.5” (height)
  • Max User Weight: 250 lbs
  • Material: steel


#1 Rated in Best Mid-Range Free-Standing Pull Up Bar



  • check
     Provides a range of exercise stations to give you a full body workout adjustablity - would work for most body shapes and sizes
  • check
     The condensed workout setup capabilities - the Power Tower is a compact system and won’t take up a lot of space in your new home gym
  • check
     Adjustablity - would work for most body shapes and sizes
    •  Features mostly opportunities for upper body work out and lacks that same variety of lower body workouts
    •  May be too tall for shorter ceiling heights
  •  No opportunity to increase resistance, as this is a body weight only machine
  • The Weider Power Tower

    If you’re anything like me, and millions of other people, you’ve probably struggled with your weight at one point or another. After I went to college, I experienced some very significant weight gain. Being overweight is never a good situation, though it had affected more than just my health. My self-esteem had taken a major hit, and I didn’t feel as confident as I used to.

    I knew that if I continued to let myself go and to gain even more weight, it would be even harder and much longer until I know I could feel good about myself. I’ve managed to get myself back into shape that I can be proud of, using only bodyweight exercises. While I was working hard, I wondered if there was a way to do all the exercises I wanted to, but in an easier way. Then I found out about the Weider Power Tower.

    Before buying the Weider Power Tower

    What to Think About Before Buying

    The Weider Power Tower is an all in one push up, pull up, vertical knee raise (VKR), and dip station. The Power Tower solves all of your body weight exercise needs by combining them all into one compact station. All of these features make working out easy and fun. For those of you who are currently where I was, unhappy with their weight and appearance, one of the easiest ways to jump start your fitness journey is with body weight exercises. No equipment is necessary, and workout time is short and sweet with nothing to set up. It can be hard sometimes to perform exercises correctly though, especially pull ups and various ab exercises when you don’t have the correct equipment. This Power Tower has, in my opinion, the best pull up bar and is definitely the best pull up tower.

    Those who are just beginning their fitness journey may find it intimidating to jump straight into a routine that involves the gym. Other gym-goers always intimidated me and I usually felt like I didn’t know what I was doing when using the machines and was scared to use the free weights in fear of hurting myself. I knew that working out at home was definitely the path for me. If you also decide to start your fitness journey at home like I did, I highly recommend checking out the Weider Power Tower or something similar.

    Who is Weider Power Tower For

    What Is the Weider Power Tower? Who Is It For?

    The Weider Power Tower promises to optimize the results of your hard work through bodyweight movements and exercises, but big changes in your appearance and a boost in confidence only come with hard work and significant lifestyle changes. Consistency is the most important part of the equation and involves being consistent with diet and exercise alike.

    If you’re looking for a quick fix or an easy way out, a fitness journey is not for you and I would recommend that you maybe save your hard-earned cash for another time or when you feel ready and confident that you want to make a change.

    If you're ready to change your life for the better, the Power Tower is going to be your new best friend. 

    Features of the Weider Power Tower

    The Wieder Power Tower has five specific work out areas, pull up station, push up station, dip station, vertical knee raise station, and calf raise station. Each is conveniently positioned to create an ergonomic design and to save space while still maximizing the number of movements each station can provide.

    The first station is the pull-up station. This station targets the upper body area including back, arms, and chest. The pull up station features the best pull up bar which includes padded handles that allow you to maximize the number of movements you’re able to do in that area, as well as the number of muscles that you will be able to target according to the different movements.

    The best pull up bar has spaces for wide grip pull up, a close grip pull up as well as padding on each of these spaces. The pull up bar has lots of space, as opposed to normal pull up bars which may be cramped while you are trying to exercise. The padding featured on the grips of the pull-up bar will not leave your hands blistered or in pain like other pull up bars do.

    The pull-up station will work your biceps and triceps. A bar located on the main body of the tower can act as a boost up to the bar or an aid if full pull-ups are too much to start with. The foot bar allows you to use your legs to aid you in building up the strength for a full pull up over time. Check out a perfect pull up tutorial:

    The push-up station works your biceps, shoulders, and core. The station features hand bars that are lifted off the ground to give your arms a more complete workout. Regular pushups require you to place your open hands on the ground which may allow you to push your arms out and for the arms to lock, which can be bad for your joints and bones and does nothing to help build forearm muscle.

    Having the hand bars will force your grip to take the form of a fist around the bar which promotes forearm muscle growth and does not put stress or strain on your joints. The hand bars are covered in a non-slip grip that ensures that you will not slip off no matter how sweaty you get during your workout.

    The hand bars that create the fist grip create an aggressive position that works your chest as well as your arms. The pushup station is also a great place to perfect your plank, that is important to strengthen your core, which keeps your whole body strong. Check out a perfect pushup demonstration:

    The vertical knee raise station features a backrest, two forearm rests as well as two handlebars to stabilize yourself. Each rest pad is padded with a sewn vinyl cover and is built to last. This station allows you to isolate your core and build strength in your abs. The vertical knee raise station is perfect for leg lifts, knee tucks and is built to be adaptable to other movements as well. This station will help activate your core while supporting you comfortable with the arm and backrests. Check out a quick tutorial on vertical knee raises:

    The dip station features adequate space for you to perform dips while maintaining great posture as well as targeting your arms. Dips activate your triceps, chest, and shoulders to sculpt your arms and chest. Dips can be challenging at first and can be made easier by placing a box or chair under the dip station to allow your legs to support your body weight as you build up the strength to do a full dip. The dip station also features ergonomic handles that are covered in a slip-resistant grip. The station as well as the tower itself is made from extremely durable materials and is built to last. This video demonstrates how to do a perfect dip:

    The calf raise station is opposite the push-up station and features an elevated bar surface. The bar allows the front of your feet to be above ground level, permitting your heels to dip below and work your calves. The elevated station can provide adequate stretch to stimulate the calf muscles. The design of the foot bar allows you to use the ball of your foot as a point of contact while raising yourself helps achieve a proper contraction. Calf raises are perfect low impact exercises to target potential problem areas on your legs without being too intense. To make things harder, you can hold dumbbells or anything weighty laying around your home to add more resistance and build stronger legs. Check out a quick calf raise tutorial:

    Unbiased Reviews

    After scouring the internet, I was able to find some rather positive reviews from happy Power Tower users that highly recommend using the product as well, some of which are featured below:

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Size

    "I am very happy with my "Power Tower." Design and manufacturing is good with a nice coating on all metal parts to protect against corrosion. Overall quality, fit and finish were much better than I expected for this price. A real bargain! Of course, you will have to make a commitment to regular use in order to get the benefit!" -Steve

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Size

    "The product arrived in a box that was torn up and looked like it had a long journey. However, once I opened the box all items were intact and nothing was missing. I assembled the item by myself and it took about 2 hours. The Power Tower is great. I have been able to do more exercises with the different features and I have been able to increase the number of pull-ups I do as well as dips." -Kalikid

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Size

    "Purchased this for my 25yr old son. Delivered in 5 days, all in one box. Excellent instructions to put it together. Very Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the frame, AWESOME cushioned back & armrest. Very sturdy construction. Awesome piece of equipment and great price!!" - Wendy S

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Size

    "Came with all the parts. Fairly easy to put together. I did it by myself. Very sturdy, doesn't wobble. So far so good. Only been using for a few days." -Jodoz

    Alternatives to the
    Weider Power Tower


    Gold's Gym

    XR 10.9 Power Tower


    This power tower shares a lot of the same features as the Weider Power Tower; pushup, pull-up, dip, vertical knee raise station. Though this tower does not designate an area for calf raises. According to so some reviews, this tower does not seem to be as sturdy as the Weider version. Depending upon where you buy this tower, it has a range of prices that are quite similar to the Weider.


    #3 Rated in Power Towers


    Body Power
    Multi-Functional Power Tower


    The Body Power Tower is the same shape as the Weider version, shares some of the same stations but has two separate pull-up bars to which you can attach ab straps that hold your upper arms in place of a vertical knee raise station. This piece of equipment also has a body weight row station and footrest but lacks a push-up station. The price of this tower is a little bit more expensive.


    #4 Rated in Power Towers


    Power Tower w/ Dip Station


    This tower shares a dip station, vertical knee raise station and pull-up station with the Weider tower. The Ainfox tower has no pushup station and appears to be lacking a backrest as well. This tower's price tag is also a tad bit higher than Weider's version.


    #5 Rated in Power Towers


    With its five distinct stations, as well as its adaptability and ease of use when paired with home workout guides like the ever popular p90x, the Weider Power Tower is an awesome addition to your home gym and would act as a great start into your fitness journey. If you're still trying to decide which pull-up tower to get, check out some of our other pull-up tower reviews.

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