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Best Workout Gloves 2018

One of the most important pieces of workout gear that you can have is a good pair of gloves. These are a must for your home gym, especially if you are using dumbbells, barbells, or any kind of pull up bar.

We're all about saving time, money, and space here. Now gloves may not help you save those directly, but they will definitely help you save your hands. Plus, you'll be able to get a lot more out of your workouts. These are a key part of your home gym.

Choosing the best workout gloves does not have to be difficult if you know the key things to look for among the wide variety of styles that are available. From full gloves to specially designed grip pads, there may be some confusion especially for those who are new to power lifting and weight training. 

Our Top Workout Gloves


Fit Active
Sports Ventilated Weightlifting Gloves with Built in Wrist Straps


Best Mid-Range Workout Gloves

  • Comes in Extra Small to Extra Large sizes
  • Made of silicon-printed neoprene
  • Includes velcro wrist wraps
  • Extra strong grip


#1 Rated in Mid-Range Workout Gloves

Gym Gloves for Powerlifting,Weight Training, Biking, Cycling

Best Multifunctional Workout Gloves

  • Made with leather and spandex
  • Comes in eight different colors
  • Can choose from Extra Small to Extra Large
  • Uses velcro latch instead of wrist wrap

#1 Rated in Multifunctional Workout Gloves

Power Non-wrist Wrap, Weightlifting Gloves with Stretch Back Mesh and Leather Palm

Best Weightlifting Gloves

  • Palm area made of leather
  • Adjustable wrist closure, not wrist strap
  • Comes in 4 sizes - Small to Extra Large
  • Palms and fingers have open cell foam padding

#1 Rated in Weightlifting Gloves

Contraband Pink Label
5137 Women's Weight Lifting Gloves with Grip Lock Padding

Best Workout Gloves for Women

  • Comes in 4 different sizes - Extra Small to Large
  • Available in 4 different colours
  • Has tabs for quick removal
  • Palm area has silicone rubber beading for increased grip

#1 Rated in Workout Gloves for Women

Leather-Neoprene Weight Lifting Gym Grips, Men’s/Women's

Best Alternative to Workout Gloves

  • Comes in 15 different colors and patterns
  • Palm area is made from leather
  • Other areas made of water-resistant neoprene
  • Elasticity of finger loops helps them adjust for larger hands

#1 Rated in Alternative to Workout Gloves

Picking Workout Gloves for Your Home Gym

How to Choose Your Workout Gloves: The Basics

There are several very important factors to consider when choosing the right glove: 

  • Size (fit is very important)

  • Materials

  • Style
Choose Workout Gloves

Size of Workout Gloves

Of these, size may be the most important. A glove that is too small may impede your progress, may cause circulation issues and pain and may tear after only a few uses. A glove that is too large may be too bulky and may actually endanger you as you are lifting.

If you are unable to feel that the bar is slipping, you may not be able to prevent an injury caused by an unintentional drop. An over-sized glove may also bunch up and prevent you from getting the right grip. Look for a glove that offers several styles or at least lists the size that is available. The best workout gloves for men may not work for women and vice versa but that depends on actual hand size and not specific genders.

Kinds of Workout Gloves

Workout Gloves' Materials

Material is another important consideration.If you have any specific needs or conditions such as allergies it is even more important that you read what materials are used in the gloves since they are often worn for such a long period of time.

You want breathable materials with enough stretch to be comfortable but not so much that they become saggy over time. Washable materials are also more desirable than those that are not because gym gloves do tend to become rather pungent after a few workouts even if they are aired out between uses. 

Styles of Workout Gloves

Finally, there is styling. Some gloves feature wrist straps and some do not. A wrist strap can be used to stabilize the wrist especially during certain types of lifts. Some trainers recommend them and some do not.

This is a personal decision that should be based on your own lifting needs. Special touches like finger tabs for easy removal are great but not always a deal breaker. 

Styles of Workout Gloves

Best Uses for Gym Gloves: Is Everyday a Glove Kind of Day? 

Obviously, the casual gym goer is not going to need a pair of workout gloves at all while the dedicated power lifter may need several types and styles. If you feel more motivated by wearing the gloves, then go for it. The best weightlifting gloves allows you to get the maximum number of reps and sets with the minimum amount of struggle and discomfort. 

Most people use the same pair of gloves for their entire gym routine for each day regardless of what they are doing. Some very dedicated people may opt to use different types or styles of gloves for different activities. The gloves that help them max out their dead lift may not be the best workout gloves for pull-ups as an example. For those people, switching gloves between activities may be just another part of the routine. 

Are you worried about your gloves getting sweaty and stinking after a while? Here are a few tips on how to make sure they last for a while and don't stink up your home gym:

Things to Look for: The Key Factors for the Best Workout Gloves

Consider Your Needs

Think of your needs and then look for the gloves that suit the most important of those. Leather palms are nice but for some people, they may feel like they block the feel of the bar.

Others, especially beginners may appreciate some cushioning while they are building up hand and grip strength or just learning the correct form for each exercise. People who are alternating between high reps/low weights and low reps/high weights may need the cushioning for the high rep days but not for the others. 

Need Workout Gloves

Finger Length

Finger length is another consideration. For most workout gloves, the fingers are about 1/4 or 1/2 length. This may also vary depending on your hand size and the actual length of your fingers. 

Getting In and Out

Finally, the ease of getting in and out of these gloves can also be an important factor. A pair of gloves that performs very well but can be a bear to take off may be preferable to a pair that is substandard while in use but comes off with ease. Some gloves have come out with a handy new function which is to have some grips built into the middle finger and thumb so that the gloves are much easier to take off.

Overall, it may take some experimentation so make note of the return policy and try several brands until you find the exact right pair of gloves for you. Because a lot of it has to do with each person's personal preference, the workout glove that works for someone else may not work for you.

Check out a few more tips from Rob at 3Strong to help you find the right workout gloves: 

Quick Review of the
5 Best Workout Gloves

Best Mid-Range Workout Gloves

Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weightlifting Gloves with Built in Wrist Straps

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Sizing
  • Protection

This is a great glove especially for people that need the added support of a wrist strap. it is perfect for a wide variety of activities including cross training, power lifting and for doing specific moves like pull ups and more. The full palm gives added grip and support but the breathable material and open hand design allows you to workout in relative comfort. Available in sizes from extra small to extra large, these are the perfect gloves for everyone. 

The wrist strap is easily adjusted with Velcro for maximum comfort and support. The gloves are machine washable for easy care and can also be aired out between uses if you want to wash them less frequently. These gloves are pure function and are only available in black. 



  • check

    Available in a wide range of sizes 

  • check
    Good for both men and women
  • check
    Full coverage at the palm allows for maximum grip and protection
  • check
    Wrist straps provide more stability especially during big lifts
  •  Only available in black
  • Sizing chart may be confusing to use
  • Excessive washing may cause Velcro to wear out and eventually fail

Best Multifunctional Workout Gloves

RimSports Gym Gloves for Powerlifting,Weight Training, Biking, Cycling 

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Size
  • Protection

What makes these one of the best workout gloves for women is the smaller, slightly narrower sizing. There is a range of sizes so women with larger hands and some men may also find them a great fit as well. Made of 100% leather and spandex these gloves are breathable, easy to care for and comfortable to wear. They also come in 8 amazing colors so that you can find the perfect gloves to wear with your favorite workout gear. 

These gloves offer full support and protection on the palm of the hand while your fingers are free so that you can get maximum grip on the bar or weight that you are using. These are hand wash and line dry only.



  • check

    8 fun colors: black, blue, gray, neon green, pink, purple, red, turquoise

  • check
    Perfectly sized for women's hands 
  • check
    Full protection on the palms of the hand prevents blisters and callouses 
  •  No protection for the fingers 
  • Not supportive of the wrist
  • Must be hand washed and line dried
  • Sizing tends to run smaller than charted

Best Weightlifting Workout Gloves

Harbringer Power Non-wrist Wrap, Weightlifting Gloves with Stretch Back Mesh and Leather Palm 

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Size
  • Protection

Created from two types of materials, these weightlifting gloves can help enhance your performance while offering protection against blisters and callouses. The backs of these gloves are stretchy black mesh to give comfortable fit every time while allowing maximum air flow during even super sweaty workouts.

The palm of these gloves is leather to provide good, solid grip strength, protection and some slight padding. At 1/2 finger length, the gloves allow maximum finger movement but provide reinforced protection for the thumb. The thumb is not only key to good grip but is likely being smashed between the bar and the other fingers depending on the type of lift you are doing and the type of hand position that you prefer. 

Available in a wide range of sizes, these gloves have adjustable straps at the wrist so that you can customize your fit based on your changing needs. 



  • check
     Available in sizes from Small to XX-Large
  • check
     Stretchy black mesh is cool and comfortable
  • check
     Enhanced thumb protection can help increase your grip strength over time while preventing injury
    •  No support for wrist- must use separate wrist wraps if needed
    •  Only available in black
    •  Black dye may transfer to hands during training (Dye will wash off with soap and water in most cases) 

    Best Workout Gloves for Women

    Contraband Pink Label 5137 Women's Weight Lifting Gloves with Grip Lock Padding

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Size
    • Protection

    Designed to fit a narrower hand, the Pink Label glove is available in several colors (black, purple, pink and gray) and features a variety of material types for both form and function. 

    The back is vented mesh to allow for air flow while the palm is made of silicone and rubber beading so that you get the maximum level of grip on the bar, weight or whatever you are lifting. The palm also has a thin layer of padding so that you get additional comfort even for heavy lifting or extended training sessions. 

    These gloves also have quick removal tabs so that you can easily pull them off at the end of your training session. There is no wrist wrap on these gloves at all. 



  • check
    Cute styling and colors make these fun to wear 
  • check
    Rubber beading on the palm is good for firm grips
  • check
    Vented mesh allows air to circulate freely
    •  No wrist strap
    • May provide too much grip- if you prefer a "less sticky" glove, this will not work for you
    • Padding may feel too bulky for some people

    Best Alternative to Workout Gloves

    GymPaws Leather-Neoprene Weight Lifting Gym Grips, Men's/Women's

    • Price
    • Quality
    • Size
    • Protection

    The best weightlifting gloves may not be gloves at all at least not in the traditional sense of the word. GymPaws are open design pads that slip on your fingers with small loops giving you protection at the palm of your hand but flexibility everywhere else.

    These have 4 loops for added security and comfort and are made of a military grade neoprene material that will draw sweat away from your skin as you workout. The palm is made of highly conditioned leather. These non-gloves are still machine wash and dry for super easy care. 

    GymPaws are meant to work for everyone with a unisex design however, people with very small hands may find them a bit on the bulky side and people with very large hands may find they do not offer enough protection at all. 

    They are available in a wide range of colors and are sold in single pairs as well as in packs of two or three pairs. 



  • check
    Available in many colors  
  • check
    Machine washable
  • check
    Cooler to wear than full gloves 
    •  May not fit correctly for some people 
    • May not be easy to get used to for some gym goers
    • Does not offer any support for wrist or thumb


    Although all of these gloves and non-gloves had their strong points, there is always going to be a clear favorite. The Harbinger Power Non-wrist Wrap Weightlifting gloves with Stretch Back Mesh and Leather Palms are the favorite here.

    Not only do they provide the extra protection for the vulnerable thumb, the stretch mesh is cooling while the leather palm gives the right amount of protection from blisters and callouses even during super hard gym sessions. The ability to adjust fit to meet the needs of the day is another added bonus to these gloves.

    So have a try at those workout gloves if they meet your specific workout needs. Whichever workout gloves you choose, make sure that you're buying them because they help you go harder and go longer during your workouts. 

    With the right pair of gloves, you can make sure you're keeping your hands and wrists safe while making gains towards your fitness goals.

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